Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday night

Ok so I just listed a whole bunch of new items on Artfire, I wanna see how they do :)

let me know what you think? I've listed most my resin pieces for sale ;)

So far I have got positive feedback about my name change from L0ve to Luv! Woohoo :o) And tomorrow is my last day off before another 40 hours of work, yuck!!! :p Oh well such is life right? And tomorrow I have my Dr's appt and I hope she has some result for me about my tummy. On Friday I had an abdominal ultra sound, and she did blood work last Wednesday, and tomorrow another test  but I at least hope she has some results. I'm going to get all better I know it! I'll keep ya posted :) I've seem to have had stomach problems my whole life :/

Does anyone else watch Flight of the conchords?!? Season finale was tonight and it was HILARIOUS! If you don't watch it.... seriously consider starting ;) Worth the laughs :) It's on HBO

Ok goodnight all!


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