Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok so I've decided to change my name, as you can see from my blog! :o) 
I was just afraid that the zero in l0veToSparkLe wouldn't be memorable later, I've had people come up to me at work saying they couldn't find me so I ask "did you use a zero?"  "Oh no" ?!? So I'm sure that would be a problem especially since a zero vs an "o" look so much alike. And I had thought I tried everything Love2SparkLe, ILoveToSparkLe yuck lol but never thought of LUV! How did that slip past me especially since I use "luv" all the time!?? :)
So I think now is the best time to change it, before I'm in too deep :o)
And Twitter and this blog let me change it without having to create a new account! So YAY!


hollyzhobby said...

Luv it!

Mia said...

He-he, the name is cute, as is your blog! :) Très, très cute :D

LuvToSparkLe said...

Thanks so much guys! I am glad I changed my name. Although it's still with l0ve with a zero on etsy..... :) what can you do?!?

lollywood said...

i think it's a great change! it's always good to be memorable in the minds of your customers.

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