Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lately I've been really tired, lol sometimes I think I just work too much. Finally tonight I have finished my latest necklace woohoo! See pic below, it's a pink and black Swarovski crystal necklace, on sale now ;) lol! 

My birthday is in less than a week! I'll be 26 :o) man how time flys.... I'm super excited though cause I have some family coming in from out of town and I'm taking my cousin to Disneyland, his first time! He turns 14 the day after I turn 26 (we are super close) :o) SO excited. 

My MUST have bday present this year is this peaches and cream limited edition harvey bag OH YA! I got the limited edition cupcake bag for myself 2 bdays ago lol, who doesn't get themselved a bday present?!? But seriously if you haven't seen these bags they are the BEST!


Creations With Heart said...

Yes!! This is the form I can comment on! YAY! Well, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you and your cousin have a blast at Disney! :)

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