Friday, March 27, 2009

Check out this blog givaway

Ok check out this blog giveaway! This is a SWEET green glass pendant by SpiritEssenceArt
You can also enter to win this sweet pendant! Go here to the blog giveaway :o)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Oooooo I was just featured in someone's blog! What an honor! Gemsbyjerri interviewed me :o)

Here is the necklace I talked about in the interview. I made this necklace for my Grandma :) She LOVES it. It has 3 lockets on it each one has the the grandkids of her 3 children :) The largest heart has one of me and one of me and my cousin Austin (he may as well be my brother) He's the one I'm taking to Disneyland in 5 days! For his bday and mine, I can't even tell you how excited I am! YAY

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday night

Ok so I just listed a whole bunch of new items on Artfire, I wanna see how they do :)

let me know what you think? I've listed most my resin pieces for sale ;)

So far I have got positive feedback about my name change from L0ve to Luv! Woohoo :o) And tomorrow is my last day off before another 40 hours of work, yuck!!! :p Oh well such is life right? And tomorrow I have my Dr's appt and I hope she has some result for me about my tummy. On Friday I had an abdominal ultra sound, and she did blood work last Wednesday, and tomorrow another test  but I at least hope she has some results. I'm going to get all better I know it! I'll keep ya posted :) I've seem to have had stomach problems my whole life :/

Does anyone else watch Flight of the conchords?!? Season finale was tonight and it was HILARIOUS! If you don't watch it.... seriously consider starting ;) Worth the laughs :) It's on HBO

Ok goodnight all!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok so I've decided to change my name, as you can see from my blog! :o) 
I was just afraid that the zero in l0veToSparkLe wouldn't be memorable later, I've had people come up to me at work saying they couldn't find me so I ask "did you use a zero?"  "Oh no" ?!? So I'm sure that would be a problem especially since a zero vs an "o" look so much alike. And I had thought I tried everything Love2SparkLe, ILoveToSparkLe yuck lol but never thought of LUV! How did that slip past me especially since I use "luv" all the time!?? :)
So I think now is the best time to change it, before I'm in too deep :o)
And Twitter and this blog let me change it without having to create a new account! So YAY!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh I'm so excited for my Twitter friend isewcute!!! One of her items is in the shopping section of US weekly! Can you imagine?? How cool is that? :) Kudos to her! 

Here is her blog:

 and check out her etsy shop! It's filled with really neat things :)

Lately I've been really tired, lol sometimes I think I just work too much. Finally tonight I have finished my latest necklace woohoo! See pic below, it's a pink and black Swarovski crystal necklace, on sale now ;) lol! 

My birthday is in less than a week! I'll be 26 :o) man how time flys.... I'm super excited though cause I have some family coming in from out of town and I'm taking my cousin to Disneyland, his first time! He turns 14 the day after I turn 26 (we are super close) :o) SO excited. 

My MUST have bday present this year is this peaches and cream limited edition harvey bag OH YA! I got the limited edition cupcake bag for myself 2 bdays ago lol, who doesn't get themselved a bday present?!? But seriously if you haven't seen these bags they are the BEST!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Super sweet necklace for my friend.

So, my friend at work and I have thought up a sweet necklace. We call it EnVy!!! It's made with Swarovski crystals and it's soooo sparkly :) I included the before and after pics, cause I really love to see what something is and what it becomes! :o)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 1 of my blog world!

OH BOY! This is exciting :) I'm finally creating a blog! Why you ask? Well I have started creating jewelry and I would love to have somewhere to talk about it, share ideas, meet new people. So I will start blogging once I figure out the layout here :) HI!

That's l0ve with a zero ;)

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