Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've changed my Etsy shop name and having a sale, stop on by :)

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From 4.18.09 through 4.20.09 at 9am %20 off and free shipping (refunded through paypal)
Thanks for stopping by :o)

The sale is good on my Artfire shop as well and the %20 off price is already reflected there... all I need to do is refund you the shipping. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Today I was featured on Jenn Ninja's free press friday! She is one of my favorite internet people :o) Check out what she wrote about me here! 

NinjaJenn is awesome and you must check out her blog NinjaKnowledge
She has great SUPER easy tutorials on how to use certain things like Twitter and Facebook ect. to promote yourself, and more! Check it out :) And of course her Artfire Studio very cool :o)

I am currently changing my Etsy name from L0ve with a zero to Luv it's taking awhile to relist everything but I think in the long run the name change will be good. As soon as it's all back up and running I'm going to have some sort of grand re-opening sale, any suggestions on what I should do are welcome! :) I want to have it maybe by tonight or tomorrow night. And I think I will reflect whatever I decide to do in my Artfire shop too. 

Here is the link to my new Etsy!

I'm currently riding the Crazy train over at artfire and it's just a really cool way to promote eachother... I know I have months more to go before I'm actually riding it :) but in the meantime djstoreroom IS riding the crazy train, go check out DJ's Artfire shop for cool little goodies like zipper pouches, here is my favorite :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So today I've been featured by Brian Harmon on Associated content! I was SO excited to learn this. I've never had anything written about me, let alone so beautifully done :) 
Please go check it out

So I helped She's Batty Designs on getting her FREE ride on Artfire She was kind enough to link me on her blog :o) 

Artfire is a flat $12 a month right now, hurry though cause soon it goes back to $20 a month, That's it! There are no selling fees, listing fees, nothing :) List AS MANY items as you like for ONLY $12 a month, and sell as many items for no extra fees. I can't say enough good things about artfire They are very friendly I'm happy to be selling on their site :o)
Please help me get my free ride on Artfire, I have only 13 days left! I need 10 people to sign up :) :) :) Follow this link:

Today I received my blog giveaway pendant from SpiritEssenceArt It's the green dichroic glass pendant that I signed up to win (See 2 blog posts below) It's more beautiful in person! A VERY nice piece :) Go check out her Artfire studio.

And lastly come join us on Artfire and ride the Crazy train! PicardCreative thought this up to help us promote eachother! And it's REALLY working :o) I'm so happy to be apart of a community that really supports eachother :) Thanks Artfire buddies!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Today is my last day of vacation :( I hate that I have to go to work tomorrow lol why can't I just stay home and twitter/plurk/forum/create/sleep in ect.... ahhhh wouldn't that be nice! 

I had the BEST time at Disneyland with my cousin :) He had never been! We went on Tue (my bday) and Wed (his bday) I can't remember the last time I've seen a kid this happy lol. I was REALLY sad to see him go home on Saturday but if we can get it to work he might be able to come back for the summer. Summer in AZ?!? Is he crazy!!!! Hehehe

I'm so fortunate to have made so many online friends lately! I've got such awesome people over at Artfire, great friends on Twitter, and I just joined plurk! If you have one and want to join me... Add me as a friend

In the last month I've been lucky enough to win 2 blog giveaways! WOOHOO, I can't even tell you how excited I was! I just won that green dichroic pendant I blogged about (see my last blog) Here is her site go check it out SpiritEssenceArt, I just barely won so I haven't received the pendant yet but I can't wait because I'm sure it's awesome!  I also won some cool things from the CrankyPickle :o)

All the cool people at Artfire are helping each other promote our shops Today it's
She has really cool one of a kind things, especially her sweet little mini hats!

And tomorrow they are featuring
Really neat jewelry so check it out! I probably wont blog tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I mention them today :)

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