Thursday, April 9, 2009


So today I've been featured by Brian Harmon on Associated content! I was SO excited to learn this. I've never had anything written about me, let alone so beautifully done :) 
Please go check it out

So I helped She's Batty Designs on getting her FREE ride on Artfire She was kind enough to link me on her blog :o) 

Artfire is a flat $12 a month right now, hurry though cause soon it goes back to $20 a month, That's it! There are no selling fees, listing fees, nothing :) List AS MANY items as you like for ONLY $12 a month, and sell as many items for no extra fees. I can't say enough good things about artfire They are very friendly I'm happy to be selling on their site :o)
Please help me get my free ride on Artfire, I have only 13 days left! I need 10 people to sign up :) :) :) Follow this link:

Today I received my blog giveaway pendant from SpiritEssenceArt It's the green dichroic glass pendant that I signed up to win (See 2 blog posts below) It's more beautiful in person! A VERY nice piece :) Go check out her Artfire studio.

And lastly come join us on Artfire and ride the Crazy train! PicardCreative thought this up to help us promote eachother! And it's REALLY working :o) I'm so happy to be apart of a community that really supports eachother :) Thanks Artfire buddies!


libertydoll said...

I love your shop. You really have some cute items!

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